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Exchange student's Open laboratory, Kaiku Gallery, Helsinki, FI

Exposition Collective

from 11.22 to 12.09.2012


The exchange students of Kuvataideakatemia will transform the Kaiku Gallery into an open laboratory:

a dynamic working space for discussing and exploring each other’s ideas surrounding our artistic

practices and our backgrounds.

This open laboratory will be divided into sections where different activities will be
taking place. The title

of our show is a quote by the Fluxus artist George Brecht: "if you want to know something you should

spend your time with somebody who knows something.". This is our starting concept and it emphasises that

we want the space to be an experimental and curious hub where we can interrupt and critique each 

other's practices at all stages.

We want everyone to feel welcome to visit and participate in this open laboratory and
we are very much

looking forward to seeing what will happen.

The gallery will be open from 11 - 7 during the week and from 12 - 4 on weekends.


Elina Belou, Matthias Björn Nuytten, Kristoffer Due, Emilie Fayt, Jordan Grosse, Martin Karel Klusoň,

Pernille Kier, Katherine Midgley, Julia Schwittai, Kristina Ståhl, Julischka Stengele, Johannes Willi, Sophie Woodfield


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